Preventative Dentistry

Prevention is the best way to combat the development of dental concerns. We offer a full spectrum of preventative dental treatments including routine cleanings, advanced gum and bone treatment, oral cancer exams, and treatment planning, to help your entire family maintain beautiful, healthy, and gorgeous smiles.

 One of the greatest challenges dentist face, is helping their patients identify problems early whilst they can still be easily reversed or fixed. Unlike many other parts of the body, breakdown of your teeth usually happens with no symptoms, such as pain, until is very advanced. Often by the time there is pain, it may be too late to fix it any more, or any treatment that is done is complicated. This is one reason the Australian Dental Association (ADA) recommends routine 6 monthly check-ups with a dentist, is so that you’re dentist can screen your mouth and jaw and detect any early signs of conditions such as

  • -gum disease (gingivitis, periodontitis)
  • -temporomandibular disorder (TMJ dysfunction)
  • -decay (caries)
  • -oral cancer
  • -autoimmune conditions

Early detection usually allows us to address the issue with you with a simple, and often pain-free fix.

Reading about it is one thing and being there is another. Contact our office to schedule a consultation with our passionate and skilled team to see the difference our approach can make. It’s time to enjoy visiting the dentist—which is easy to do with our no-pain policy.