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Treatment Available

Our experienced dentist and supporting team members in our clinic in Secret Harbour are here to help with a large variety of treatments

Children’s Dentistry

When should my child start coming to the dentist: As recommended by the Australian Dental Association (and many other oral health advisors) it’s recommended that your child start seeing the dentist before their first birthday, or before their first tooth erupts! (whichever arrives first!)

From the moment you and your child enter our Confidental clinic, we think it’s important to take a warm, friendly approach to make sure that your child only has positive experiences of being at the dentist.

First Appointment: the first appointment is usually a very thorough examination where we

  • assess your child’s teeth, soft tissue (gums, mucosa, tongue, throat), jaw to ensure that they are healthy.
  • check and reinforced their oral hygiene techniques
  • discuss any necessary preventative recommendations
  • customised individual plan to suit your child’s needs if any treatment is necessary

Emergency: Children are often prone to injuries, we understand and we are here to help. Emergency appointments are always prioritised for children in pain or who have chipped, broken or loosened their teeth.

General Dentistry

One of the dilemmas with dental health is that there are often no obvious symptoms of disease until the situation has become quite dire.

For the reason, the Australian Dental Association recommends routine check-up appointments, so that our dental team can screen you for early detection before any issues before they deteriorate.

A general check-up includes an examination of:

  • teeth for signs of caries (decay), erosion, bruxism (clenching/grinding)
  • soft tissue: gum disease (gingival, periodontal), oral medicine screen (for oral cancers or autoimmune conditions)
  • jaws: for signs of temporomandibular dysfunction, and orthodontic jaw malalignment

Almost everyone will experience some form of dental decay or damage in their life (even dentists). We’re here to help, whether you need a tiny cavity fixed, or a full-mouth rehabilitation, so that it doesn’t stop you from enjoying an excellent quality of life.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Feeling self-conscious about the appearance of one’s own teeth is a very common presenting concern. Whether it be the colour, shape, size or position of your teeth that bothers you, we have a wide variety of techniques we can use to help you have a healthy and natural-looking smile. We offer tooth whitening (bleaching), orthodontics options, composite (bonding) restorations, or ceramic veneers and crowns and complete smile-makeovers to help satisfy your concerns.

Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment (the repositioning of teeth and/or jaws) is useful in helping people having teeth that are easier to keep healthier, function together more seamlessly, and present in a more aligned manner. Here at Confidental we start screening patients for orthodontic issues from an early age and work with specialist orthodontists to help provide you with expert care.
Orthodontics isn’t just for children and teenagers anymore. At our dental clinic we are happy to discuss and recommend orthodontic issues for adult patients of any age according to your requirements.

Orthodontic treatments available include

  • Invisalign
  • Ceramic Braces
  • Traditional Braces
  • Retainers

Preventative Dentistry

Prevention is the best way to combat the development of dental concerns. We offer a full spectrum of preventative treatment including routine cleanings, advanced gum and bone treatment, oral cancer exams, and treatment planning, to help your entire family maintain beautiful, healthy, and gorgeous smiles.

 One of the greatest challenges dentist face, is helping their patients identify problems early whilst they can still be easily reversed or fixed. Unlike many other parts of the body, breakdown of your teeth usually happens without any symptoms, such as pain, until is very advanced. Often by the time there is pain, it may be too late to fix it any more, or any treatment that is done is complicated. This is one of the reasons the Australian Dental Association (ADA) recommends routine 6 monthly check-ups with a dentist, is so that you’re dentist can screen your mouth and jaw and detect any early signs of conditions such as

  • gum disease (gingivitis, periodontitis)
  • temporomandibular disorder (TMJ dysfunction)
  • decay (caries)
  • oral cancer
  • autoimmune conditions

Early detection usually allows us to address the issue with you with a simple, and often pain-free fix.

Reading about it is one thing and being there is another. Contact our office to schedule a consultation with our passionate and skilled team to see the difference our approach can make. It’s time to enjoy visiting the dentist—which is easy to do with our no-pain policy.