Children’s Dentistry

Our Dentist in Secret Harbour is happy to see kid’s of all ages!

When should my child start coming to the dentist? Here at our clinic, as recommended by the Australian Dental Association (and many other oral health advisors) we believe that your child start seeing the dentist before their first birthday, or before their first tooth erupts (whichever arrives first!). This is important because it allows our dentists to identify any issues early, ideally letting them be addressed whilst the problem is still easily fixable, and also allows your child to become familiar with the dental environment BEFORE they require any invasive procedures.

From the moment you and your child enter our Confidental clinic, we think it’s important to take a warm, friendly approach to make sure that your child only has positive experiences of being at the dentist in Secret Harbour.

First Appointment: the first appointment is usually a very thorough examination where we

  • assess your child’s teeth, soft tissue (gums, mucosa, tongue, throat), jaw to ensure that they are healthy
  • Identify any developmental issues associated with the formation of their teeth (such as hypomineralisation of the enamel)
  • check and reinforced their oral hygiene techniques
  • discuss any necessary preventative recommendations
  • customised individual plan to suit your child’s needs if any treatment is necessary

We will also do everything in our power to make sure your child feels safe and comfortable at the dentist. This is important because if your child ever does need treatment, even as an adult later in life, they need to feel trust in their dentist or else they will delay having treatment. This fear (often starting from traumatic experiences when a person was young) can cause individuals to delay what would be simple, gentle and affordable procedures until they have developed into much larger and more complicated problems.

Emergency: Children are often prone to injuries, we understand and we are here to help. Emergency appointments are always prioritised for children in pain or who have chipped, broken or loosened their teeth.

Please note that we do not accept payment via Child Dental Benefits Scheme.