Payment Options

Our Goal

Our goal at Confidental Dentistry is to help you maintain your dental health throughout your life so that you can eat, speak and smile confidently. We always endeavour to provide you with professional and honest service. We provide services on a fee-for-service basis. Full payment is due at the time of appointment. If our treatment requires multiple appointments, we will provide you with an estimate of time and cost involved.

Payment Policy

Confidental Dentistry’s policy is to clearly outline all financial requirements prior to commencement of your treatment. Furthermore, we kindly request that all treatment requiring external laboratory services (e.g. crowns, dentures, and implant treatments etc) be payable prior to final service delivery. A minimum deposit of 50% is required at the commencement of treatment and will secure your appointment. The remaining balance can be paid in instalments so that full payment is paid by the time of the completion of treatment.

Health Insurance Policy

We accept all health insurance policies at Confidental Dentistry. This means that if you have signed up for dental cover with a private health
insurance company, the insurance will pay a certain amount towards your treatment based on your contract with them. We will provide you with a
treatment plan estimate prior to commencing any treatment. You may obtain an estimate how much the insurance will cover by presenting this treatment plan to your insurer. Your ‘out-of-pocket’ expense will be dependent on your level of cover.

For most health funds we can check for you with our facilities in the clinic as to how much your health fund will cover towards your treatment. We can also usually submit the claim for you on the day of payment. Patients who do not have health insurance cover can discuss their individual situation with our treatment team to decide if any of the other payment options including AfterPay, Payment Plans and SuperCare (early release of your superannuation) are suitable for you.

Patient Responsibility

It is the responsibility of patients to contact their own private health insurance company to find out how much they their health fund will contribute towards their treatment within a calendar year. Health insurance usually has an annual maximum which will be paid to a given patient each year. Any treatment costs which exceed this maximum annual amount are to be paid by patients. This is known as your ‘gap payment’. We encourage all patients to contact their health insurance fund prior to commencing treatment to avoid confusion or disappointment.

Our Responsibility

We are dedicated to providing you with the most accurate treatment plan estimate possible, so that you can be mentally and financially prepared for your treatment ahead. We strive to adhere to these treatment plans as closely as possible. However, unforeseen conditions may occasionally occur which may necessitate changes to an original treatment plan. If this happens your dental professional will ensure to give you the best possible outcome with no compromise on the quality of your dental treatment. Any changes required to your treatment costs will also be given to you either verbally or in writing prior to any further treatment.

Early Release of Superannuation

Did you know that you may be able to access your superannuation to pay for dental work? This is called SuperCare, and it can be a great option if you need expensive dental treatment but don’t have the money to pay for it out of pocket.

SuperCare is a government-approved scheme that allows you to withdraw up to $15,000 from your superannuation to pay for dental treatment. The treatment must be considered to be medically necessary, and it must be performed by a registered dentist.

You can use SuperCare to pay for a wide range of dental treatments, including:

  • Fillings
  • Crowns
  • Root canals
  • Extractions
  • Dentures
  • Orthodontic treatment

How to apply for SuperCare:

To apply for SuperCare, please contact our clinic and we can talk through the access options.

In accordance with ATO guidelines, we require 100% of the funds to be paid to Confidental Dentistry prior to commencing your treatment. If your treatment plan is altered, we will return the balance of funds to you upon completion. Confidental Dentistry have a legal duty to advise the ATO if you do not proceed with treatment and retain the funds for non-dental treatment purposes.

Department of Veterans Affairs Dental Services

If you are an Australian veteran, you may be eligible for dental services through the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA).

You may be able to receive dental services if you have an assessed clinical need and a:

At Confidental Dentistry we’re happy to accept payments through the DVA dental services system.

Afterpay Payment Plans

Do you need dental treatment but don’t have the money to pay for it all at once? Afterpay can help. Afterpay is a payment plan that allows you to split the cost of your purchase over time. There is no interest or fees, provided repayments are made on time and you can use Afterpay at participating retailers, including our dental clinic.

Afterpay is a great option if you need dental treatment but don’t have the money to pay for it all at once.